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Photos-Cocoa Village 2016 Fall Car Show (See "Club Photos")
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Art Floyd - A Remembrance & Tribute

The MG Car Club Florida members presented Art Floyd with a special "Certificate of Appreciation" in 2014:

Certificate of Appreciation

The board and all the members of the MG Car Club Florida acknowledges the outstanding contributions Art has made to this club and the MG community as a whole.  Art has always been a very active advocate for MGs for many, many years.  He has a long standing relationship with MGs and he has shared this with the members of our club and their families.  Art has served as an official and unofficial MG Car Club Florida ambassador to the MG clubs, drivers and enthusiasts in the central Florida area for decades. 

 Art introduced a whole new generation of MG owners and club members to the MG family and the MG way of life.  His love of all things MG resulted in his vigorous encouragement to participate in all MG events throughout the state and region.  Art and Yvonne have opened their home to club members on numerous occasions such as annual picnics, technical sessions, and they have even been known to rescue a stranded club member or two.  Art has also been the driving force behind encouraging participation in events like the Flankey family picnic, Orlando Breakfast Club and various British Car shows.  Leading by example, he always asked members to meet him or join him at countless events over the years.

 This club would especially like to thank Art for his willingness to share all his knowledge and experience with less “MG knowledgeable” club members.  Art has been someone who consistently went out of his way to help a fellow club member. Whether calling him on the phone, asking for his advice at events, or stopping by and having him show you something at his house, Art has always helped those needing assistance and advice.  Art is truly the one club member that has bridged all aspects of the club, from participation in the club’s earliest beginnings, to club events almost too numerous to count, to personally providing assistance to  club members.  Art is always carrying the MG banner and encouraging us to do more with our cars and do things together. 

 Art, we thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for us. 

 All the members of the MG Car Club Florida


Art will be missed greatly, and fondly remembered ...

A photo compilation of Art & His MG's are at:


MG Car Club Florida is one of the Oldest MG & All British Car Clubs in the State of Florida. It originated in Jacksonville, FL, in 1956. Dr Jerry Keuper, our Chairman Emeritus (in Memoriam), brought the Charter to the Brevard area. The club, under Jerry's watchful eye, has had many years of great success. 

The club is now centered in the Brevard County, Florida area. Our goal is for individuals who are MG and All British Car enthusiasts to get together and to enjoy MG/British Car  fellowship. Dues are only $15.00 a year.  Our monthly events are designed to allow all members to come and enjoy the company of other MG/British Car enthusiasts. 

Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in MGs , All British cars and the preservation of their proud heritage - Owners of ALL British Marques are welcome and encouraged to join. It is the goal of the Club officials to keep it's members as informed as possible of the events and newsworthy information . To this end, the club publishes a monthly newsletter. We are always looking for input from our members on newsletter items and these can be forwarded to Linda Knoblock-Raupp  President.

Due to the wide diversity of our car owners (1930s 1980) and the large geographical area (Daytona to Fort Pierce) of our members, the monthly meetings, usually held on the third Saturday of each month,  may vary to accommodate as many members as possible (see Newsletter & Events). We have held many events, with more planned, such as trips, tours, rallies, annual auto show, monthly meetings including breakfasts, luncheons, dinners. 

In Memoriam- Dr. Jerome P. Keuper(click)

MG Car Club of Florida
P.O. Box 410471
Melbourne, FL  32941

Club Officials
 Linda Knoblock-Raupp
321-757-0180 (President)

Brian Mitchell 321-254-9605 (Vice-President/Acting Secretary)

Helen Kingston 321-773-1455 (Treasurer)

Richard Jensen   321-544-1467   (Director)

Len Coppold 321-752-0737  (Director)

 Norm Ridgely 772-532-4265 (Newsletter Editor)

 Saul Klein 321-626-9176 (Webmaster & Director)

David Alexander (Past President)

Jerry Keuper Chairman Emeritus (In Memoriam)


MG Car Club – Florida

P.O. Box 410471
Melbourne, FL 32941

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