Saturday, June 18, 2011 - DINNER AT THE KINGSTONS’  This month’s venue was a beautiful dinner party on Saturday, June 18th, at Frank and Helen Kingstons.  Frank made his famous chicken, which whoever said “too many cooks in the kitchen” was wrong for we had such a delicious spread of food, and the dessert, well, that was out of this world!  Our new member, Bob Webb, donated a beautiful MG cake which made it to the event but Bob didn’t.  Thanks Bob. So we, as a club, want to thank Helen and Frank for opening their home to us.  Your home and graciousness made for a really nice evening.  Thank you one and all for attending and sharing such lovely dishes for our dinner together.  We look forward to many more activities of this kind.  Those present: Saul & Maureen Klein, Dave Alexander & Louise Husband, Richard Jensen, Pat & Diane Grassick, Ben & Danica Perhacs/Stone, Ken Gregory, Ray & Mary Pollock, Ken Hall, Linda Knoblock & Mark Raupp, Leonard Coppold, Al & Pat Allen, Bob Underwood, and (of course) Frank & Helen, our hosts. here are photos of the event:
(click on photo for larger view)