SE GOF '15 - Macon, GA- Oct 14-21, 2015


Roadtrip to GOF Macon by Doug & Linda Rothwell

    It was a great day for a road trip. We met up near The Villages at what else, a McDonalds. We were joined by 1 spitfire, 1 XKE, 1 MGTF, 2 MGB's, and a 93 year old in a Crossfire. At his age he considered the Crossfire more road worthy than his many LBC's. We traveled to Americus, Georgia the first day and spent the night.

    When morning came we split up. The "Trio" of non-MG's went to meet with the North Carolina MG Club and  cruise the Smoky Mountains and Blue Ridge Pkwy. The MG's continued to Andersonville Prison for a tour. I was not aware that this Civil War prison, or consentration camp, existed. Google the history. It"s sad. So, off to lunch we go. Yoders Restaurant. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend it. Tummys full, we continue to Macon.

    The next day the GOF organized a lunch cruise to Juliet, Georgia, where the movie Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed, with a showing of 28 MG's.

Everything from MGTC's to rubber bumpers. There was a rush to eat at The Whistle Stop Cafe, so our group decided to do some shopping and wait for the second seating, but we stumbled upon the Romeo Restaurant. This family owned restaurant had great food, friendly employees, (Dad the baker, daughter head chef, granddaughter waitress) homemade muffins, cookies and pies. I think the rest of the cruisers missed out on the best food. Everybody split up for the drive back to Macon.

    Saturday was show day. Located just down the street in a beautiful city park. 63 MG's and a hot dog lunch rounded out our day. GOF had an awards dinner that night. GOF over.

    I decided, what the he--, we're 1/3 the way to Columbus, Ohio, lets go. Linda temporarily lost her mind and agreed. Driving to Ohio on the backroads provided great scenery. Once in North Georgia, the leaves started to change color and we spotted a cowboy fresh out of the pasture, sitting on his beautiful horse with his cowboy hat highlighted by the setting sun, TEXTING. Stopping that night in London(appropriate LBC stop) Kentucky. The next morning greeted us with 29 degrees and a heavy frost. No ice scraper provided us the the perfect test for our defroster. Surprisingly it worked, but not quickly.

    Arriving in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio to visit friends and family was too short but uplifting. Showing the MGB to Linda's 92 year old dad was one of our successful missions. He's a car guy from way back. 58 T-Bird, many Corvettes, Porsches, and BMW's to his 2015 Cadillac ATS. Boy I'm glad he didn't ask to drive Beatrice. (our MGB)

    Time to return home on the backroads (and again driving the “Tail of the Dragon”!). 14 days, 2620 miles, 27.4 MPH average, and not a peep out of Beatrice, we arrived home safe and sound.

The trip quickly reminded us we were not "Sweet 16" anymore.

    -Doug & Linda Rothwell